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Company benefits

  • Extensive network with 200+ leading Iranian companies
  • Partner organizations in major cities of Iran
  • Operation coordination with the Iranian branch
  • Professional import processes thanks to the Armenian-Iranian team
Quality Control System
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About us

"Iran Import Group" has been operating since 2017, during these years our company has become a reliable intermediary between Armenian importers and Iranian manufacturing companies, facilitating bilateral trade relations. We are aware of the Iranian markets’ peculiarities and support Armenian importers to find a supplier of any product in Iran, as well as organize the purchase and import of the product. ... more
Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to facilitate trade relations between Armenia, Iran, and Russia. We are trying to eliminate trade barriers and make the process of importing goods from Iran accessible to Armenia and Russia.


"Iran Import Group" has been operating since 2017.

200 +

In the course of our activity cooperation with more than 200 + Iranian supplier organizations.

1000 +

Satisfied customers. Your Reliable Partner for Importing Quality Products.

Export and Import Processes Organization

Data collection of exported goods
Search for product suppliers in Iran
Organization of purchase and payment processes
Settlement of documentary issues
Production process and quality control
Secure money transfer control
Pre-sampling capability

Any questions?
Find the answers below:

Answer: Iran Import Group acts as an intermediary for Armenian importers and Iranian manufacturing companies. We facilitate trade relationships, connect you with reliable Iranian suppliers, and simplify the entire import process.

Answer: By cooperating with us, you get access to more than 200 leading Iranian companies and partner factories located in key cities of Iran. The specialized team of our company will work with you and will ensure the successful implementation of your import process.

Answer: We monitor the manufacturing process and carry out strict quality control checks to ensure that your imported products meet the highest quality standards. Your satisfaction and the quality of your import is our priority.

Answer: Our extensive network allows us to source a wide range of products from Iran, from traditional craftsmanship to modern innovations. Submit your preferences and requirements to us and we will find the right suppliers for you.

Answer: We organize and simplify the payment process to make it safe and profitable. We work diligently to protect your financial interests during import transactions.

Answer: Yes, our experienced team processes all the necessary import documents, from contracts and invoices to customs documents. We ensure regulatory compliance and reduce potential delays.

Answer: Just contact us using our contact form or the contact details provided. We will gladly discuss your specific import needs and guide you through the process as a trusted intermediary.

Answer: Export from the Republic of Armenia (RA) to the Russian Federation (RF), export from Iran to RF, export from Iran to RA.

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